Welcome to Lučić Holiday house – a luxury 4-star countryside villa

Countryside Luxury

It is every man’s dream to enjoy the luxury, natural and healthy environment, surrounded with fragrances of Mediterranean herbs and facing the sea, with spectacular views of the mountain Mosor.

If you want to enjoy the view on the stunning beauty of the mountain, all you need to do is face south, and you will see the peaks of the mountain Mosor reaching the sky …

Active Vacation

Although everything is near in Dalmatia, during short late autumn or winter days, lazy summer evenings and cool spring mornings, it is good to have everything within a hand’s reach. Dogged explorers will take few more steps on the cliffs of Mosor or go rafting on the Cetina river. The active ones can test their skills in football, in “balote” game (a game similar to bowls, horseback riding along the Cetina or freshen up in the pool.

A Warm Welcome

We hope you’ll find an offer which suits your needs and that you’ll decide to stay with us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Additional Offer

Other activities that can fulfill your time

Taste the quality

Original home cooking

If you want to try and enjoy the authentic food such as “soparnik” (a type of mangel pie), “tituš” (a type of pastry), lamb on a spit or “raščika” (collard greens dish), we will make sure to prepare the recipes according to the original and traditional recipes of our region.

Some people will also find a Dalmatian tavern, but be careful: make sure to drink wisely and moderately. And enjoy with all your heart, without any brakes.

Everything is there

Travel and enjoy life

Croatia is a small country. It has everything – the sea, the mountains, plains, forests, rivers and lakes but every few kilometres the landscape will change, and thus the architecture, the people, dialects, the wines they drink, the food they eat and the music they listen to.

Paddle down the Cetina river, dive into the cave Modra špilja, take a walk in Split…

Make your wishes come true

A Special Offer

Are you looking for a special program? We are here to organize it and make your wish come true.

Additional services such as various types of celebrations, parties, honeymoon, business meetings, team buildings, anti-stress programs, cooking classes and weight loss therapies are arranged upon request by e-mail.